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Two hikers got trapped in Quicksand

quick sand

Two people from Arizona named Jessika McNeill and Ryan Osmun got trapped in Quicksand. They were at Zion National Park in Utah at that time. First, Jessika landed in quicksand as she tripped and then Ryan also got trapped while attempting to rescue Jessika. This was really very unfortunate and appeared like a horror movie’s scene. They never thought that they would face such a situation. They didn’t have cell reception also and felt very helpless.

This incident happened on Saturday when both Jessika and Ryan Osmun who is 34 years old were just a few hours into the trail route and suddenly their trip took a turn. It was Jessika McNeill who got trapped first. Ryan got buried while trying to help her but they were lucky enough to come out alive. Osmun told the media that his entire leg was surrounded by the sand and it became really difficult to move and find a way out. Quicksand is usually formed when air or water gets trapped in sand. It becomes unstable when exposed to any kind of stress or a sudden shock. It is very hard to come out of it if our limb gets submerged. Alyssa Baltrus who is a spokesperson there said that the weather played a key role in this. Both Jessika and Ryan were later rescued with the help of a rescue team.


Image via BBC

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