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Top Chinese and US trade negotiators haggle over tough issues

Chinese and US

The top negotiators from China and the United States haggled over some tough issues that were aiming at putting an end their trade war. On Wednesday, it was reported that both China and the US have planned to make an agreement on the required issues. Languages for 6 memorandums have also been drafted on the Chinese reforms that were proposed.

By 1st March, U.S and China have to reach an agreement and if they fail then the US tariffs would rise from 10 percent to 25 percent.  This trade war began seven months ago. The global economy has slowed down and disruption of the international trade is taking place due to the tariffs between the U.S and China. Negotiators are struggling a lot so that the differences on language could be overcome. A mechanism of enforcement is included in the issues to make sure that China can comply with any kind of agreements. More than nine hours of discussion took place on Thursday and the questions were not answered by the Chinese officials as they left the meeting on Thursday. President Trump would be meeting with Liu on Friday. They met last time in January when Liu visited Washington.


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