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Spouses of H-1B visa holders to be impacted


The proposed changes to end the authorization of work for some H-1B foreign visa categories have been received by the White House. Spouses of around ninety thousand H-1B visa holders would be impacted by this move. It was sent to the White House by the Homeland Security’s department on Wednesday. Now, the White House has to make a final decision regarding this problem before the issue of a formal regulation.

The review of the regulation would be carried out by the White House. Before the final decision, inputs would be taken from various agencies. The process might take several months to get completed. USCIS said that the regulation proposed wasn’t final and completion of review and comment process is required to make a final decision. The proposed regulation would get published after White House agrees with it. The new changes would be effective only after this. Some U.S lawmakers that include Kamala Harris and also the companies of Silicon Valley strongly resisted and argued that it’s very unfair to do this as it would prevent many talented spouses from working in the U.S.  Despite their resistance, Donald Trump’s administration is going ahead with the regulation. Disappointment has been expressed by the Save Jobs USA because of the slow progress on this particular problem.


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