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An emergency declaration invoked by the US President, Donald Trump

Donald Trump

A National emergency was invoked by the US President Donald Trump in order to justify tapping military and other funds for barrier construction after Congress approved less than a fourth the $5.7 billion that he had sought for border security.  One of the top advisors said to Donald Trump on Sunday that an  emergency declaration could allow “hundreds of miles” of barriers to be build on the Mexican border before the 2020 election to which Stephen Miller said on Fox News Sunday, “probably a couple of miles” by September 2020. He also said that an unsecure border would allow drugs and criminals to pour into the country and dismissed government statistics showing illegal entries had fallen.

Well, Trump has planned to exploit the issue in his re-election campaign and also amid sharp criticism from Democrats, rights groups, border-state landowners and several prominent Republicans. It would be definitely far from clear about how quickly barrier construction would advance on the 3,140-kilometer border if not given the near certainty of legal challenges and also of a possible blocking move in Congress. 

The attorney general of California, Xavier Becerra said that California and other states as well had legal standing in the case because they had risked losing money intended for military projects, disaster assistance and several other purposes.

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